Organize Your Workplace

MNA gives nurses and health care professionals a powerful voice
MNA is the largest, most effective union for RNs and health care professionals in Michigan. Organizing a union in your workplace is the first step to gaining a seat at every table where decisions are made that affect you, your patients, and your practice. MNA’s extensive knowledge of nursing and collective bargaining assists Michigan health care professionals in building strong unions and securing outstanding contracts in their workplaces.  As health care becomes more and more about corporations making money, being part of a strong union is the best way to protect yourself, your patients and your profession.

Top 5 benefits of belonging to MNA

MNA provides vital resources and support for our local bargaining unit members to collectively advocate for themselves and their patients.

Among the key benefits that MNA members enjoy are:

Negotiating power at the bargaining table
MNA has some of the best contracts in the state and nation. With support from MNA professional staff, members have a long record of securing pay increases and strong benefit packages; restrictions on overtime; innovative safe staffing protections and more.

A say in your workplace and your practice
Through their collective bargaining agreements, MNA members have a voice in the care they provide and their working conditions. Your union voice helps create a safer, more rewarding workplace.

Protection from unjust discipline and termination
MNA contracts include strict protections for members’ rights, including professional MNA representation if needed.

A strong voice at the Capitol
MNA members and staff actively lobby for pro-nurse legislation such as safe staffing ratios and workplace violence prevention measures.

Free and reasonably priced continuing education opportunities
We offer online modules, units in the Michigan Nurse, and live presentations.

Nurses have the right to take collective action to improve working conditions and form a union at their workplace.  This is the best way to advocate for yourself and your patients.

If you have questions about how to do this, contact Peter Klein at 517-515-1982 or fill out this form.